The Foundation

Founders Byron and Keisha were married in 2008 and began their spiritual journey together at Valor Faith Ministries. They taught Children’s Church, Bible Study classes, and led the Worship Team, Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry.  In 2014, they began searching for a temporary church to attend after their beloved church home of Valor Faith, decided to close it’s doors. They were preparing to relocate their family to Texas later that year, however, still desired to have a church home until their moving date had commenced.

Keisha’s sister invited their family to a church in Zion that had a dynamic children’s ministry. The ministry also operated a successful outreach program called Sidewalk Sunday School that preaches the gospel to children in an outdoor setting, every week. Byron and Keisha always had a passion for reaching children and felt that this ministry was one that God was leading them to. Byron immediately got a divine revelation that this program for children was desperately needed in his hometown, Bellwood, IL and other surrounding communities in the west suburban Chicago area. The Lord instantly confirmed the prophecy through the pastor’s mouth. Soon thereafter, their family began to serve in the church and learn everything about the outreach ministry through hands-on experience.

The Move

In the summer of 2016, Byron, his wife and their four small children moved back to his hometown in the Proviso Township. They visited a few ministries and felt led to join a small family church by the name of God’s House of Brotherly Love Church in Bellwood, IL led by Bishop Pam Lawrence. A church that is known for being a ministry of helps and also operates a successful private school named Meca Elementary Christian School. Byron and Keisha served as Youth Pastors at God’s House.

The Launch

In February 2017, they decided to start an outreach Children’s Ministry with the concept of  Sidewalk Sunday School (Under the covering of God’s House of Brotherly Love church /Meca Elementary Christian School) and named it Parkside Sunday School (PSS). The goal of Parkside Sunday School is to teach biblical truths in a child-targeted, relevant, and creative way at the local parks and meet the needs of less fortunate children in the process. They believe that children are greatly influenced by adults who believe in them, encourage them, care for them and guide them. They want children to receive biblical truths, have fun during the process and keep coming back for even more fun. If the kids keep coming back for more fun it gives the leaders more opportunities to teach, nurture them spiritually, and ultimately imprint the foundations of social responsibility centered around a personal relationship with Christ.

The 2017 first semester of Parkside Sunday School started on Saturday,  June 3rd 2017. The weekly program operates every summer around the same time.

(Founders Byron and Keisha Wicks with their children)