Parkside After-school Programs

JR. Chef 4-Week Course: June 10th- July 8th

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*Launching in-person and online sessions

Fall Semester 2021*

Parkside has a fee-based after-school Tutoring/Enrichment Program that will be available for students in grades K-6 enrolled at a Proviso Township School. Sessions will be offered in-person and online.

Each session offers a variety of classes in areas such as Math, Reading/ELA, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), Music, Art and other special interests. Fees for instruction and materials vary according to the subject matter and number of participants in a class. Enrollment is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Announcements and class descriptions will be provided prior to each session.

Parkside E-Learning Program Information:


L1: K-2nd Grade

L2: 3rd-4th Grade

L3: 5-6th Grade


*subject to change per session

  1. Math M/W
  2. ELA/Reading T/Th
  3. STEM Lab
  4. Home Chef Jr. * (coming June 2021)
  5. Homework Help M/W or T/Th

*Students can take 2 classes max per 4 week session.

4 weeks (two classes/week)

Parkside 8 Step Learning Task Model:

1. Learning Objective – What the learner will be able to do upon mastery of this activity.

2. Anticipatory Set – Puts the student into a receptive frame of mind. Include what the learner already knows; review of other work that may relate to this new activity.

3. Input – Instructor presents new information using specific materials related to objective and focusing on the necessary basic skills.

4. Modeling – Instructor shows the skill needed so that the student can then do it themselves. The student asks question and tries the skill.

5. Check for Understanding – Instructor checks that each step has been understood.

6. Guided practice – Instructor provides opportunity to practice what has been presented. Effectiveness of the learning activity is evaluated and adjusted.

7. Closure – Instructor brings session to an appropriate conclusion with review and ensuring that the student has the main ideas.

8. Independent practice – Instructor provides an activity to reinforce proficiency related to the stated objective.

Reading is fundamental to a child’s educational foundation. We help children learn to love reading!

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We are looking for instructors! Do you teach reading/ELA, STEM, music, art, dance, or a language? Do you have a great idea for an enrichment class? Help us empower the next generation by volunteering. We want to meet you. Click below!