Parkside After-school Programs

*Launching in-person and online sessions

Fall Semester 2021*

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Parkside has a fee-based after-school Tutoring/Enrichment Program that will be available for students in grades K-6 enrolled at a Proviso Township School. Sessions will be offered in-person and online.

Parkside E-Learning Program Information:

Each semester offers core subject small group enrichment classes and/or other special interests.

Fees for instruction and materials vary according to the subject matter and number of participants in a class.

Enrollment is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Announcements and class descriptions will be provided prior to each session.

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10 N Elm St. Hillside, IL 60162


  • MONDAY – FRIDAY: 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM *(10:00AM- 8:00PM Appointment only)
  • SATURDAY: Closed
  • SUNDAY: Closed

Two Semesters Fall (August-December) Spring (January- June)


*Remote students can take up to 2 classes max per monthly session.

L1: K-2nd Grade

L2: 3rd-4th Grade

L3: 5-6th Grade

Pricing List

Parkside 8 Step Learning Task Model:

1. Learning Objective – What the learner will be able to do upon mastery of this activity.

2. Anticipatory Set – Puts the student into a receptive frame of mind. Include what the learner already knows; review of other work that may relate to this new activity.

3. Input – Instructor presents new information using specific materials related to objective and focusing on the necessary basic skills.

4. Modeling – Instructor shows the skill needed so that the student can then do it themselves. The student asks question and tries the skill.

5. Check for Understanding – Instructor checks that each step has been understood.

6. Guided practice – Instructor provides opportunity to practice what has been presented. Effectiveness of the learning activity is evaluated and adjusted.

7. Closure – Instructor brings session to an appropriate conclusion with review and ensuring that the student has the main ideas.

8. Independent practice – Instructor provides an activity to reinforce proficiency related to the stated objective.

Reading is fundamental to a child’s educational foundation. We help children learn to love reading!

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We are looking for instructors! Do you teach reading/ELA, STEM, music, art, dance, or a language? Do you have a great idea for an enrichment class? Help us empower the next generation by volunteering. We want to meet you. Click below!


Local Pastors To Open Nonprofit Tutoring Center In Hillside (Village Free Press 8.27.21)